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GeriPal - A Geriatrics and Palliative Care Podcast

Jun 16, 2022

There are a lot of old myths out there about managing urinary tract symptoms and UTI’s in older adults.  For example, we once thought that the lower urinary tract was sterile, but we now know it has its own microbiome, which may even provide protection against infections. So giving antibiotics for a positive urine culture or unclear symptoms may actually cause more harm than good.


On today’s podcast, we are gonna bust some of those myths.  We’ve invited some very special guests to talk about the lower urinary tract - Christine Kistler and Scott Bauer.  

First, we talk with Christine, a researcher and geriatrician from the University of North Carolina, who recently published a JAGS article titled Overdiagnosis of urinary tract infections by nursing home clinicians versus a clinical guideline.  We discuss with her how we should work-up and manage “urinary tract infections” (I’ve added air quotes to “UTI” in honor of Tom Finucane’s JAGS article titled “Urinary Tract Infection”—Requiem for a Heavyweight in which he advocated to put air quotes around the term UTI due to the ambiguity of the diagnosis.)

Then we chat with Scott Bauer, internist and researcher at UCSF, about how to assess and manage lower urinary tract symptoms in men.  We also discuss Scott’s recently published paper in JAGS that showed that older men with lower urinary tract symptoms have increased risk of developing mobility and activities of daily living (ADL) limitations, perhaps due to greater frailty phenotype.