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Sep 17, 2020

Every year, about a third of older adults fall. About one in five of those falls result in moderate to severe injury. What can we do to help not only prevent those falls but also the complications of them? On todays podcast, we talk to Tom Gill, one of the authors of the recent Strategies to Reduce Injuries and Develop Confidence in Elders (STRIDE) study published in the NEJM. The STRIDE study was huge, 5,451 patients in 86 primary care clinics from 10 different health care systems. Individuals assigned to the interventions worked with a “falls care manager” whose goal was to help identify and make plans about risk factors for falls and fall-related injuries. What did it show? Well, the conclusion of the NEJM abstract states that this multifactorial intervention "did not result in a significantly lower rate of a first adjudicated serious fall injury than enhanced usual care." We talk to Tom about whether that is the right take home from this pragmatic study and how should we think about fall prevention in our own clinical practices.