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Mar 30, 2023

Two weeks ago on the GeriPal podcast we talked about why and how to write for the general public.  This week we’ve invited three guests to share their stories about storytelling that’s written for healthcare providers.

The first guest is Liz Salmi.  Liz wrote a fabulous perspectives piece in the NEJM titled “Deciding on My Dimples” which talks about her experience as a patient doing shared decision making during neurosurgery for resection of an astrocytoma.   In addition to this being a fascinating story, Liz brings in a great perspective as a patient, advocate, researcher, and a punk rocker.

Our second guest is a recurring star of GeriPal, Anne Kelly.  She just published an essay for JAMA Piece of My Mind titled “The Last Visit”.  In this piece Anne describes her experience with the expressions of love she and her mother shared in the last days of her mothers life.

Lastly, but certainly not least, we’ve invited Preeti Malani.  Preeti is the editor for JAMA’s Piece of My Mind section.  We’ve asked Preeti to come on to describe what happens behind the curtain when evaluating these stories, including what makes those few that get accepted stand out.

We’ve also love to hear from you on twitter and facebook your own experiences writing for the medical world (and please include links!)