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Apr 14, 2022

Buprenorphine.  It’s been around for a long time but is acting like the hot new kid in town.  Just look at this year’s AAHPM meeting, where it felt like every other session was talking about how hot buprenorphine is right now.  But does this drug really live up to the hype?

On today’s podcast we talk with three experts on buprenorphine on why, when, and how to use it in serious illness. Our experts include Katie Fitzgerald Jones (palliative nurse practitioner and doctoral student at Boston College), Zachary Sager (palliative care physician at the Boston VA and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute), and Janet Ho (physician at UCSF in addiction medicine and palliative care).

We try to cover a lot in a 45 minute podcast, but if there is one take-away, it's that all of us who prescribe opioids should learn how to use buprenorphine and that we should all sign up for a DEA X-waiver at or at (now you can treat up to 30 patients without completing the additional educational training, so signing up takes about 5 minutes). 

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