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Oct 15, 2020

On todays podcast, we have Lauren Moo, a cognitive behavioral neurologist who has been doing video visits well before the COVID-19 pandemic to decrease the need for travel and to decrease the agitation in older adults with dementia that commonly occur when a clinic visits disrupts the usual routine.  

Now with COVID among us, Lauren talks to us about her recently published JAGS article titled Home Video Visits: 2‐D View of the Geriatric 5‐Ms.   In the article and on the podcast, Lauren walks us through assessing the Geriatric 5M framework: mind, mobility, medications, multicomplexity, and what matters most. 

Lauren gets very practical with us about how she does things like a cognitive assessments in this new medium of telemedicine.  One thing I'd like to note that we didn't talk about in our podcast, but Joe Ouslander wrote in the accompanying editors note to Lauren's article:

"I recommend that you discourage patients and families from using the backgrounds of outer space, peaceful woods and lakes, or other fancy pictures that are available on Zoom, Webex, and other virtual meetings. Doing so will hide what could be extremely valuable information when assessing the M’s of geriatrics."

So take a listen and maybe even sing along to Alex's version of "Video Killed the Radio Star."