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Dec 30, 2021

It’s GeriPal’s 200th episode.  Yup, we started the podcast in 2016 and over the years we have grown from basically podcasting for Alex’s mom to now getting over 25,000 plays per month.   

So to celebrate our 200th, and given that the last two years kinda sucked in a lot of ways, we are going to pivot to appreciative inquiry.  We have invited leaders in geriatrics and palliative care to quickly share:

  1. One thing that you are grateful for in Geriatrics and Palliative Care (other than GeriPal!)
  2. One thing you are hopeful for in 2022

The guests we had were an awesome group that included Rachelle Bernacki (@rbernack), Kim Curseen (@Curseen), William Dale (@WilliamDale_MD), Helen Fernandez (@hfernandez01), Lynn Flint (@lynnmomdoc), Anne Kelly, Allison Kestenbaum (@ARKestenbaum), Christopher Langston (@calangst), Nancy Lundebjerg (@nlundebjerg), Mary Lynn McPherson (@mlmcpherson), Sean Morrison, Christine Ritchie (@RitchieCS), Christian Sinclair (@ctsinclair), Wendy-Jo Toyama(@WJSvetanoff), James Tulsky (@jatulsky), and Haider Warraich (@haiderwarraich).

We also invite you to join us in this discussion.  Go to either our Twitter account or youtube channel and share your answers to these two questions.