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GeriPal - A Geriatrics and Palliative Care Podcast

Feb 29, 2024

Today we celebrate eight years, around 2 million listens, and 300 podcasts! 


Eric and I take questions from you, our listeners, about: why we podcast, our most controversial podcast, which podcast changed our practice, favorite song request, should all nursing home residents complete the POLST, expanding access to durable medical equipment, palliative care in rural regions, do we have an advance directive, what we’d do to improve healthcare with 7 trillion dollars, treatment for poor appetite, and Eric on how to make a latte.  Thank you to Lynn Flint and Anne Kelly who serve as hosts for this episode, asking us the tough questions.

We answer your questions hot ones style.  I borrowed some screaming hot sauces from my friends Jerome Kim and Tony Le, and added them to my small collection of extra mild sauces.  Every two questions we ate a chicken wing covered in hot sauce. The hot sauces progressed from mild to extreme (and I mean extreme) heat.

Can I just say…it works?  Being asked a question with your mouth on fire, sweat streaming down your face, feeling the most awake and terrified you have ever been in your life, forces you to give an unadorned answer, straight from the heart.

Don’t take my word for it, listen for yourself! Or better yet, watch the video of this one on YouTube. Some of the funniest parts are caught on video, in the background. We will be re-watching this one for years to come.

Thank you, dear listeners, for sending us your questions, for your enthusiasm, and for your support. Enjoy!